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STD codes in India

Full form of STD code is Subscriber Trunk Dialing. It’s another name is Subscriber Toll Dialing. Using this system people can dial trunk calls without operator assistance. At the initiation of telephone systems, people had to call a telephone exchange and asked a human operator to connect the call to another subscriber on the same exchange or a different exchange. Long distance call to different Cities/Countries was directly not possible then. With advancement of technology it became possible for long-distance calls to be dialed directly. In order to describe this telephone system the term Subscriber Trunk Dialing came into use. The term subscriber trunk dialing is mainly used in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, India and South East Asia. This term was first created in UK. However in UK STD codes are not in use now. But in India STD codes are still majorly used while calling to landline number. In India different STD codes are assigned to different cities. These codes are 2-8 digits long. STD codes are allotted based on the size of the city. Metro cities with largest population has 2 digit area codes. Tier-2 Cities in India i.e. smaller cities have 3 digit STD codes. The first STD call of the country was made between Kanpur and Lucknow.

State wise STD Codes in India

State Total
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 11
Andhra Pradesh 756
Arunachal Pradesh 3
Assam 212
Bihar 221
Chhattisgarh 23
Delhi 1
Goa 26
Gujarat 715
Harayana 263
Himachal Pradesh 116
Jammu & Kashmir 28
Jharkhand 17
Karnataka 1087
Kerala 234
Madhya Pradesh 502
Maharashtra 774
Manipur 2
Mizoram 1
North East 89
Orissa 325
Punjab 532
Rajasthan 553
Sikkim 10
Tamil Nadu 369
Uttar Pradesh 7
Uttar Pradesh East 178
Uttar Pradesh West 92
Uttaranchal 3
West Bengal 475

STD codes for Metro Cities of India

  • 011- New Delhi, Delhi
  • 020- Pune, Maharashtra
  • 022- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 033- Kolkata, West Bengal
  • 040- Hyderabad, Telangana
  • 044- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • 079- Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • 080- Bangalore, Karnataka

How to dial a landline number?

If you want to call from one landline to another in the same STD area then No prefix is required. However call from one landline to another in the same STD area. However you need to add “0+STD code” to dial from a landline phone in one STD code area to another. There are different STD codes for different cities. When you are using a mobile phone, then you are always required to dial “0+STD code in India to any landline number, irrespective of the city/STD area.

Just to summarize what we have discussed so far in this section, to dial a landline number in city A, you have to dial

  • from a landline in city A  – the phone number
  • from a landline in city B to city A: STD code and then the phone number
  • from any mobile phone in India: STD code and then the phone number