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Many people are fed up with their 9 to 5 Job and wish to do something that they are passionate about. There are many businesses that you can start from scratch and do not need a huge amount of money to start it. There are a number of small-scale business ideas which are discussed below one by one.

List of top 50 small scale business ideas.

  1. Affiliate Marketing small scale business ideas

It is a type of marketing whereby you earn commission by promoting sales of the merchant company’s product and service. Every sale that comes due to your marketing efforts earns you a commission. It will be better if you have a website of your own or at least a blog. Many merchants like Amazon etc. have an affiliate program and you can join them.

  1. Home Tuitions small scale business ideas

Many children are weak in some subjects or the other. You can start home tuitions in subjects you did your graduation. It is a win-win situation; the student will get knowledge and you the money.

  1. Blogger or Vlogger small scale business ideas

If you are an expert in travel, fashion, cooking, do-it-yourself, etc and know how to do it well, you can tell the world through your blogs or vlogs (video blogs). See that you have a good quality camera. You can make money offering advertisement space and review of products on your platform.

  1. Resume Writer small scale business ideas

There are few people who cannot write their resume well structured and with a good flow. There are people who pay money for writing their resume in a professional way. Resume writing is an art, and you do not need much setup except computer, printer and an internet connection. You can work on an hourly or per resume basis.

  1. Tiffin Services small scale business ideas

Men and women both work for long hours in the office to boost their career. They do not have the art or time to prepare lunch. In big cities, there is hardly any time to go home in the lunch break and return. This is where homemade, readymade complete meals in the form of tiffin services are in more demand especially for lunch which can be served to them at their offices or place of work.

  1. Mobile Shop small scale business ideas

Mobile usage is penetrating even in small villages. You can see mobile at hands of domestic help to rickshaw puller to executives. Also, you can start out with tying up with network providers like Airtel, Vodaphone etc. and note down the commission rate they offer. You may need a small rented out place. Along with recharge, you can keep mobile accessories or some technician who can provide repair services.

  1. Translator small scale business ideas

Businesses are going international. If you are proficient in more than one language you can become a translator. A manufacturer wants to sell the product in regional markets they hire services of translators. Knowledge of the many languages is the capital that is required.

  1. E-Commerce Store small scale business ideas

If you have some great product or can manage to procure at a reasonable price but do not have enough capital to invest in a storefront, staff salary etc. you can set up on online store yourself. The marketing opportunities are endless and without any boundaries. Your store will be open 24×7, can run promotions whenever you wish, and marketing through social media platforms to increase your reach.

  1. Book-Keeping Services small scale business ideas

Many small businesses cannot afford a full-time accountant to write daily transactions of their businesses. You can take up their business bookkeeping work and work from the comforts of your home. Updating sales/purchases records, tallying bank book, providing income statements, and creating income statements and various annual financial reports are the functions which are generally outsourced.

  1. Personal or Virtual Assistance small scale business ideas

You can work as a personal assistant who is a virtual one. It allows you to choose your clients, your working hours and you can opt being paid on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. You can find outsourcers on

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  1. Marketing Services small scale business ideas

Digital marketing is growing as a new field and more people search for product or services online. Businesses want to improve their visibility and sales. They want to transform website visitors into leads which eventually convert into a customer. Businesses want to improve their SEO through writing meta description, researching the right keyword, finding relevant images etc. This online service can be provided from your home. The investment required is a desktop/laptop and internet connection.

  1. Social Media Consultant small scale business ideas

Social media is a business with unlimited potential. All those who are using the internet are hooked to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram etc. and spend a good amount of time on these sites which gives businesses unlimited potential to grow. Facebook, Twitter, and Google offer professional courses and certification that enhances your value as a social media consultant. You can help businesses open account with these social media websites and increase their business and get paid for your efforts.

  1. Reviewer or Tester small scale business ideas

A new company which has launched a new product is on an outlook for people to review the product and encourage others to buy it. You can approach the company directly and offer them to review their products in exchange for monetary rewards. It will be better if you have your own website or blog, you can write an entire blog or article devoted to that product and can charge extra money for it.

  1. Freelancing Secretarial Services

Just like virtual assisting, there are remote secretarial services. For this, you need strong organizational skills, communication skills, proper time management and a high level of autonomy. Your work will involve booking meetings, organizing event calendars, replying to emails, and answering phone calls. This hardly needs any investment except for the computer and the internet.

  1. Application Developer small scale business ideas

If you have the skills to create your own and unique application, along with the right marketing strategy you can sell them to some well-known companies and earn a royalty on it. That is generating income even while you are sleeping.

  1. Website Designer/Developer small scale business ideas

We live in a digital world and every business owner wants their website to draws traffic and makes sales. You can start by creating a website for those businessmen who do not own a website. The website can be created in WordPress. Being a developer needs coding skillset which you can learn. You will be able to incorporate personalized shopping carts, product pages, blogs, feedback forms, etc.

  1. Tax Consultant small scale business ideas

Companies big or small pay a good amount for preparing financial statements and auditing their books. You can become a tax consultant for direct as well as indirect taxes. At present those who have knowledge filing GST are in great demand. You can set up yourself as a freelancer for tax preparation. It is highly skilled work area where you have to clear Chartered Accountant exams.

  1. Desktop Publisher small scale business ideas

Desktop publisher (DTP) uses specific software to create magazines, books, marketing leaflets, company broachers, wedding/birthday cards, and other marketing material printout on butter paper. In case you want to offer full-fledged services you can tie up with book publishers, screen printers etc. and create your own small team.

  1. Domain Name Buyer small scale business ideas

This needs investment. You need to buy those domain names which you believe people/company will buy. You can sell those domain names and make a profit from it. First, you will have to identify such domain names you think people will want to acquire in their line of business and are common.

  1. Flipping Websites small scale business ideas

In simple terms, you buy already existing website, make it more attractive, useful and sell it to make a profit from it.

  1. Financial Advisor small scale business ideas

A number of people who want to start their own business have grown but many out of those do not know how to organize themselves financially. It is better if you get yourself Certified Financial Planner certification as it will increase your credibility in the market. You can start advising individuals on how to grow their wealth.

  1. Editing Services small scale business ideas

If you have a good command over any one language you can offer a variety of services like copywriting, ghostwriting, article editing, proofreading, etc.

  1. Online Photo Selling small scale business ideas

If you have a deep-rooted passion for photography or are a professional photographer you can sell your photographs on the website and make money. Even there are companies who take out theme based calendars every year, have a requirement for photographers. Your only capital investment will be in a good quality camera. You can put up photographs with your watermark to showcase the world while selling and you can ask for a price for it.

  1. Survey Taking small scale business ideas

You can make a steady income doing online survey. Some survey taking platforms are MySurveys, InboxDollars, EarningStation etc. On many sites, you will have to register yourself first.

  1. Video Production small scale business ideas

There are many people who want to be YouTube celebrities and upload videos on the site. You can offer those people services like video blog editing, etc. before they upload their videos so that their videos look better and draw good fan following.

  1. Call Center Representative small scale business ideas

Many new and upcoming companies cannot afford a full-fledged call centre. They hire call centre representatives in different parts of the country to maintain their clients. You can approach these companies and inform them that you are willing to work from home to handle customer care issues. You can earn a good base salary.

  1. Telemarketing Services small scale business ideas

Companies are outsourcing their marketing efforts as they want to concentrate on their core businesses. You can work as a freelance telemarketer and create leads for the company.

  1. Computer Trainer small scale business ideas

Many senior citizens want to learn how to use computers as most of their children and grandchildren are settled somewhere else and they want to be in touch with them. They are mostly interested in learning the basic of computers, the internet and sending/receiving emails.

  1. Baby Sitting Services small scale business ideas

We are living in an era of the nuclear family or single parent family. Due to the ever increasing cost of living, it has become necessary for both parents to work. They take services of babysitters on a regular basis for their kids. Another variant to this is Nanny.

  1. Personal Trainer small scale business ideas

‘Health is wealth’. If you are a fitness fanatic, your passion and job can go hand in hand. The number of people being health conscious is increasing nowadays. Channelizing your energy you can train people to be healthy and fit through your local gym. There is a lot of craze among women to reduce weight and be trim and slim.

  1. Taxi or Cab Hailing Services small scale business ideas

There are few companies like Ola, Uber, and Meru etc. with whom you can register and become a part of taxi-hailing services. You will have to register with them and download their app. Also, you should be above 21 years of age and have a driving license, three plus years of driving experience, a smartphone etc. You can be your own boss, have your own schedule, and meet new people every day.

  1. Home Tailoring small scale business ideas

In big cities, the merchants usually outsource their embroidery and stitching work. There is good demand for self-made and hand embroidered dresses which are usually worn during weddings and birthdays. You will have to invest in the sewing machine, threads of different colours, and other accessories.

  1. Handyman Services small scale business ideas

Services of the plumber, electrician, etc. work as freelancers and are on call whenever demanded. Most of the handyman service providers are not affiliated with any organization. Your investment will be purchasing necessary tools of the trade and your business skills. Your contacts and referrals will help to grow your business.

  1. Cleaning Services small scale business ideas

Numbers of vehicles, especially cars are increasing day by day. There are people who have money but no time to clean their vehicles on a daily basis. You can start these services by hiring a man or two and providing him with the basic necessary cleaning kit and taking orders from car owners on a weekly/monthly basis. In cold countries it can be for raking in dried leaves from the garden, watering plants, lawn mowing and snow removing.

  1. Kitty Party or Birthday Celebration small scale business ideas

If you are good at cooking then you can be a helpful hand where kitty party or birthday parties are organized. Many people look to outsource food and beverages (due to a shortage of time) whenever the parties are held at their homes. Another way is you start supplying specific food items that you can cook at home easily.

  1. Travel Agencies small scale business ideas

After hard work peoples like to relax and choose to spend their free time at some exotic locations. The travel industry is seeing a boom. You can start your travel agency or tie up with well-known names like MakeMyTrip etc. which can be started from home.

  1. Fruit Juice Corner small scale business ideas

People are getting more health conscious and are turning to fruit juice rather than carbonated drinks. You can tap into this lucrative business by renting a small space. Your investment will be for raw material, a machine used to extract juice and a helper salary.

  1. Online Cake/Bakery Shop small scale business ideas

People on birthdays and other occasions demand cake. Starting an online bakery is where people can order products online.

  1. Artificial Jewellery small scale business ideas

Traditional jewellery or artificial jewellery is in vogue nowadays because gold, diamond and silver jewellery is so expensive. Youths prefer different jewellery matching their dress. Either you can make it or trade in it. While buying from the producer in bulk you can ask for discounted rates. You can have a rented shop or start it from home.

  1. Dance/Music School small scale business ideas

With so many dance competitions on different TV channels, small children are attracted to take part. If your passion is for dancing/music you can start taking dance/music classes and fulfil their aspirations as well as your passion. It all depends on your skills as an instructor.

  1. Sports Coaching small scale business ideas

There is a huge following for sports and sporting events. Students use a lot of their time for sports apart from their academic career. Special TV channels dedicated to sports are enough proof of its popularity.  If sport is your passion, you can become a sports or yoga instructor. You can start your own sports coaching centre and start coaching as your business.

  1. Card Maker small scale business ideas

Card making business has begun to spring up all over the country. People like to send handmade, hand painted wedding cards. If you are a good artist you can undertake orders to make the customized card.

  1. Painting small scale business ideas

People decorate their walls of new homes/office by painted canvas. If you have the passion for arts, drawing, painting you can put it up your painting online for sale. The same thing goes for sculptures, murals, and other decorative items, etc.

  1. Cooking Classes small scale business ideas

It is said ‘way to man’s heart is through his stomach’. You can setup cooking classes if your passion is cooking and know how to make a variety of dishes. These types of classes are more successful in an urban surrounding. If it is offline you will need investment in raw material needed for conducting classes. If it is online then you will need an internet connection.

  1. Wedding Planner small scale business ideas

You might have heard ‘big fat Indian wedding’ and it is not without any reason. Whatever be the society, people spend a huge amount on the wedding. You can be a wedding planner from start to finish. There are intermingling ceremonies during the wedding which you have to plan. Planning does not cost much but you should have knowledge of all small ceremonies that are held and plan accordingly. With experience, things will get better.

  1. Fashion Designer small scale business ideas

Fashion keeps on changing and there are trends that show up. You can start your small boutique where you can display your wares. Changing trends can be observed through magazines, advertisements, movies etc.

  1. Matrimonial Services small scale business ideas

Matchmaking is to help people find perfect life-partner.  If your passion is being social then you can start matrimonial services. Another way is to take franchise of many online matrimonial services providers like,,, etc.

  1. Financial Products small scale business ideas

You can start selling financial products like insurance, mutual funds, home loan on a commission basis. There are many categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories in each one of them. You can help people chose the one which best fits them. The commission that you will earn varies with the products.

  1. Career Counselor small scale business ideas

First, you figure out who will be your target audience. The one who is looking for an available college in particular stream, one who is preparing for a competitive exam like IAS, CAT, GATE, GRE, or Railways, or those students who are unable to select their career path, etc. This will help you make a decision in which field you should start with. Search the internet and keep those URLs handy.

  1. Business Consultant small scale business ideas

These days a number of young people are on the way to become an entrepreneur and a sudden rise in the number of startups is proof of it. However, most of the startups fail in starting phase. The main reason behind it is not having adequate knowledge of the business. In this scenario, the role of business consultant become important to guide such startups or early birds business. If you have knowledge then can start business consultant services.

It may seem frightening and alarming to leave your present 9 to 5 job and start your own business. You can start off as part-time from the above list of small-scale business ideas given above to your advantage. Once you develop confidence and the earnings are better than your job you can leave your current job and fully get involved in the business. If passion and job are in the same field you will rise and grow quickly.

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