Mutual fund KYC form


Mutual fund KYC form is defined as a standardized format that is used to capture the key information of an investor. There are many mutual fund KYC form variants depending upon the individual/non-individual applicant or updating existing KYC information with new data or is seeking a fresh KYC for the new investor.

What is KYC – Know Your Customer?

Most financial processes and activities become digitally paperless with the digital revolution. In order to stop the misuse of online financial facilities, regulatory authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Reserve Bank of India came up with compliance requirements such as Know Your Customer (KYC).

KYC Form online Download

There are five different KYC Registration Agencies (KRAs). Each KRA provides KYC form that can download, fill up and submit with the required documents.

You can download Mutual fund KYC form directly from here.

Here Are Those 5 KRAs

  1. CAMS KRA form
  2. CVL KRA form
  3. NSE KRA form
  4. Karvy KRA form
  5. NSDL KRA form



Mutual Fund KYC Documents

For the proof of identity, the central government of India has given the list of six documents which are officially valid documents. If these documents do not contain the residential proof then you have to provide a valid document which has a complete address.

Here is the list of the KYC documents:

  • Identity Proof Documents
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • NRGEA Job Card

Address Proof Documents

  • Electricity Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Bank Account statement
  • Landline Bill
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Registered Lease Agreement

Main Reasons For Filling Out A KYC Form

New Investor Registration

This is the most common reason for non-individuals or individuals investors to fill out and submit a KYC form. The information filed by the investor is collected by the 3rd party fund house or financial institution and passed on to the one of the KRAs (CVL KRA, CAMS KRA, etc.) operating in India.

Change Details Registration

Investors details may vary from time to time and these details have to update on the KYC website. It ensures the accuracy of the investor’s available information. Details change after marriage, moving somewhere, etc. so they should update the changed address, phone number, email id, bank account and so on.

Limitations Of Paper-Based Mutual Fund KYC Form

First of all, it is time-consuming. After the submission of KYC document, many go through each and every page. They see whether the documents are legible and acceptable. This is SEBI-mandated KYC procedure.

Introduction Of Aadhaar-Based Online KYC Registration

Paper KYC system still exists but now people go for Aadhaar-based online KYC registration. The key requirement is a valid Aadhaar card. This online process is less time-consuming. By filling some details investors can check KYC status online.


Key benefits of Aadhaar-based KYC Registration

  • Faster processing
  • Investors can apply for KYC from their office or home
  • Eliminated duplicate efforts
  • Completely paperless and eco-friendly


Therefore we have discussed here the complete details of KYC form. It has its own benefits and with the provided link one can directly download them.

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