Mutual Fund Consolidated Statement


Mutual Fund Consolidated Statement is a statement of all your mutual fund’s holdings. In a given period it also shows all your mutual fund transactions. You can get this statement from Karvy or CAMS. But, you must have registered email to your mutual fund to avail this service. The best way to get a complete mutual fund consolidated statement is to register your email address with all your mutual funds.

The Process To Download Mutual Fund Consolidated Statement

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Investor Services’
  • Select ‘Mailback Services’
  • Click on Consolidated Statement – CAMS+Karvy+FTAMIL+SBFS
  • Provide your registered email and its password

After this process, you will get your statement via email. You might need your password to open the statement.

Benefits Of Mutual Fund Consolidated Statement

The Consolidated Statement keeps a record of all your transactions and mutual fund holdings.

Performance Evaluation: You can use it to know when these funds become long term and to evaluate the performance of your funds. Debt funds become long term after a 3 year holding period. But, Equity funds become long term after a 1 year holding period.

Tax Liability: Mutual fund consolidated statement gives you a record of all your transactions. So you can use it to calculate your tax liability. You can also submit a tax saving investment and CAS proof to your employer so they deduct the correct amount of TDS.


Details Checking: You can also check your complete details about name, PAN details, account details. Check whether they are correctly mapped to your mutual fund investments. Know that you have been recorded as FATCA compliant or not. It is a procedure required to ascertain your tax residency (Indian or NRI).

Redemptions and Dividends: With the help of CAS you can track all the dividends you have obtained. Also, all the redemptions you have made from mutual funds.

Contents Of Consolidated Statement

Information carried by CAS:

  • Transaction-related information and financial purchases like merging or switching of funds, dividend or bonus payments
  • Details regarding new fund offer or reinvestment options
  • Type of investment – whether systematic or lump sum investment plan, Systematic Transfer Plan or Systematic Withdrawal Plan
  • Opening and closing the share unit portfolio balance.
  • Mode of holding units.
  • UCC and ISIN for each scheme and portfolio.


ISIN is an International Securities Identification Number. It is a 12 character code that identifies debt, equity or other securities. It identifies securities for their settlement and trading in the market.


Why Consolidated Statement Is Important To Investors?

It provides information regarding the condition and financial health of a company. Also, it shows you the condition of the company’s standing in the financial market. So this information can be helpful for investors and vendors.

Further, it reduces paperwork because a single report contains all the financial data.

Investors can know the overall performance of the company.

All investors get their statement on a monthly basis before the 10th.

Therefore with the above discussion, we can say that Consolidated account Statement is necessary for the mutual fund investors. So, with the help of this statement, they can have all the information regarding investment, transactions and details.

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