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Many people like to work from home to earn some extra money in their free time.  Few work in such a way to derive regular passive income throughout their life.  So let’s see the number of options you can make money from home and choose the one which fits your temperament the best.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is just like referral marketing in which you suggest some products or services to someone if they buy the product/service based on your recommendation you receive the commission.

Many companies sell online web-hosting space, shoes, clothes, or some other product/services. You have to sign up with affiliate program online with the merchant. You also can have your own affiliate website and whenever any reader buys anything through your website you get a commission.

Freelance work

You can work as a freelancer for any company as it is a type of contract work given by companies or organization. A freelancer is a person who works for himself or you can say that they are self-employed.

There are many categories of work where freelancers are preferred. They are the graphic designer, blog writer, content writer, data entry, sales and marketing, finance, translating books from one language to another, writing account books for small businesses, online typing work etc.

Home-based tuitions

Education is an ever-expanding field and our government is trying to increase the literacy level of the country through many different schemes and proposal. There are a number of subjects a child has to study during his/her schooling career. He/she may like and understand few subjects very easily but there are a few subjects which he/she has a problem.

Using your knowledge of a particular subject (maths, english, science etc.) you can start giving tuitions to students from your locality at your home in the subject which you have mastered. It serves a dual purpose, income for you and knowledge for the student in which he/she is weak.

Part-time job/business

In these days of ever increasing cost of living, income from one source is not sufficient to run the family. People are looking for some type of part-time job or business which generates additional or supplement income for the family.

There are many part-time jobs in small offices who cannot afford an employee full time. These types of jobs include bookkeeping, writing accounts, computer operators, etc. Part time business that one can take up is becoming an insurance agent, candle making (designer and fragrance), artificial jewelry making, food or bakery business, handmade invitation card, etc. If the return of your part-time business is good then you can quit your current job and make your business full time.


Blogging is a good source of generating passive income. If you have a PC/laptop and an internet connection you can start blogging by creating your website (free or paid). You can post blogs in the field that interests you and share your knowledge or opinion which you think is beneficial to the world. Once you are able to generate sufficient traffic you can earn income through advertisements, by selling your own products, by selling affiliate products etc.

Though it may look simple it needs a lot of hard work, disciplined approach, and dedication. In long run, you can earn good money by working as a blogger from your home.

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