Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds


What is Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds?

In terms of company size, mutual funds between large caps and small caps are mid caps. Market capitalizations between INR 500 to INR 10000 crores are mid cap companies. BSE has a mid cap index where you can find the mid cap companies. For new investors, mid cap companies are not recommended. If the investor is willing to take risks then only he/she should invest in the mid cap mutual funds.

Here are some Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds.

  1. UTI Mid Cap Fund

This fund mostly invests in equity-related and equity securities. It invests in good long term operating track record companies. Investors who are searching companies which are medium-sized should invest in this company. The top-down approach should be used in this company from a risk management perspective.

UTI Mid Cap Fund is ideal for the investment for 5 years or above. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) can help in investment for better returns. UTI AMC has completed 50 years in the finance sector. Also, in our list, it is the Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds.

The vision of UTI mid cap fund

  • Most preferred employers.
  • Deliver best in customer service.
  • Innovative products that maximize ROI.
  • Most admired and trusted brand for all stakeholders.

UTI has contributed extremely to capital and industrial growth in the Indian market. It has led transformative initiatives like rural outreach programs, development financial institutions, financial products, and services. UTI AMC has earned a name in India and completed the needs of investors supported by long term vision, shareholder values, and industry-led best practices. With 47000 highly trained IFAs, 150 branches and 320 chief agents, UTI AMC is one of the financial institutions which are leading. The financial service sector has most of the investment of this fund.

  1. Tata Mid Cap growth fund

For the equity-related and equity securities, it is an open ended equity fund. In the mid cap segment, for high growth companies, an investor should invest in Tata mid cap growth fund. It is one of the most valued and trusted brand of India. This fund earned the trust of millions of investors by its world-class service and consistent performance.

It offers an investment option for everyone like a salaried professional, businessman, retired person, aggressive investor, housewife, and conservative capital builder. They work for long term and consistent results. Tata mid cap growth fund follows tenets of performance which are consistency, flexibility, stability, and services.

It is a part of the Tata group which is India’s most respected and largest industrial group. The main motto of this group is to returning wealth to the society. Thus, nearly 2/3rd equity of this group is held by philanthropic trusts, natural science, energy, medical care, and art. Also, in our list it is the second Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds.


  1. Edelweiss Mid Cap fund

Edelweiss mid cap fund is predominantly investing in mid cap stocks, which is an open-ended equity scheme. Investors can invest in this mid cap fund who are looking for long term wealth creation.

It aims to benefit from both source of return

  • Valuation re-rating
  • Compounded earnings
  • Fundamental long term strategy

Investing in this mid cap fund, investors should understand the risk on principal but rewards will also high. Pharmaceuticals and banks have the highest percentage of fund allocation.

To maintain the quality of the portfolio, it maintains due diligence. Selective indicators for rural demands are diesel demand, tractor sales and 2 wheeler sales indicate recovery, and for urban demand air traffic and passenger car sales. Strong pick up in improving domestic consumption demand, global trade and hopes of reform recover in the private sector, which helps for the structural strength of the economy.

  1. Invesco India Mid Cap fund

Invesco India mid cap fund is a dedicated fund and they expect to benefit from long term growth of India. It also has an investment in banks and pharmaceuticals. It is an independent investment fund which helps people gets more out of life.

Organizational strength

  • Dedicated investment professionals.
  • Solid financials, strong balance sheet, investment grade debt rating.
  • Publicly traded on S&P 500 constituent.
  • Objective industry voice and investment perspective.

Invesco’s analysts, portfolio managers and researchers spread across Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe. Also, it has more than 7000 employees worldwide. The main focus of Invesco is to help the investor in pursuing their financial goals.


  1. L&T Mid Cap mutual fund

L&T works on delivering risk-adjusted and long term performance. They follow a disciplined approach to risk management and investment.

Steps for their proprietary investment process- GEM

  • Generation of ideas: Fund managers and analysts actively identify new ideas. In the search spectrum they have investment team meetings, management, suppliers, competitors, industry experts, external research, regulators and reports for equity investing.
  • Evaluation of companies: For identify opportunities, filters such as market capitalization ownership and liquidity. Issuer analysis or thorough credit and macro analysis support the evaluation framework for instruments for fixed income.
  • Manufacturing or Monitoring of portfolios: Ideas that are evaluated and generated, fund manager finds those which have the most potential. Portfolios are monitored unceasing to ensure that they are positioned to get higher returns.

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