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Dynamic people are quitting their 9 to 5 job and are starting their own business but they do not know which to start. These ideas are suitable for persons who are unable to get a loan or have less capital to start their business. Here are 50 best business ideas with low investment or no investment.

50 best business ideas with low investment.

  1. Hobby Classes

Parents look for holistic development of their child and they are ready to pay for it. Hobbies can be any form like dance, music, sports, cooking, etc. Depending upon your skills you can start hobby classes.

  1. School Carpool Services

Parents want someone to pick up and drop back their school going children. If you have a van you can start this service taking a particular route and if possible, children of the same school. It is an all cash business.

  1. Renting Business

You can rent your space for ATM, you can rent your car, you can rent out property (residential or commercial), fancy dress renting business, etc. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

  1. Placement Services

India is one of the countries where unemployment is very high. You can start your own company which provides a recruitment service to other companies. You will need to have good data for candidates who are looking for a job. Refer candidates to the company and earn money from it.

  1. Dealer of Used Car

Every middle-class family wishes to own a car but few can pursue it. They settle for the used car. You can talk with used car garage owner and work on a commission basis. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

Business ideas with low investment- a passive income source.

  1. Translation Services

There are many companies who have businesses throughout the world and they face problem-related to the local language. They require translators especially for their marketing material and other documents. If you know more than one language fluently (reading, writing and speaking) you can offer them your services.

  1. Fashion Boutique

Fashion changes regularly and therefore it is an evergreen business idea. You will need a good commercial location and range of products which are in trend and according to market taste.

  1. Classified Advertisement Agency

A local classified advertiser takes advertisements from business owners or individuals and publishes it online or in the newspaper. It is an evergreen field as it is an important function for every business, parents whose children are of marriageable age, job offers and seekers etc. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.


  1. Spoken English Coaching classes

English is a globally recognized language and people feel proud of speaking it. People are ready to spend money to develop their speaking skills. If you are fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English you can start your own English speaking coaching classes.

  1. Party Planner

Partying on small occasions has become a way of life. You can offer to provide party services especially to people residing in metro cities. Because people want to enjoy but are short on time organizing one. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

Business ideas with low investment- can be started from home.

  1. Social Media Services

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have a big role to play. Companies usually outsource their social media campaigns to the service provider. You can plan to start your own company which does businesses promotion on social media. The job here is like account creation, writing and posting blogs, articles, PR etc. on social media sites. Every person who knows internet uses one or the other social media channels and the growth potential on these sites is unlimited. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

  1. Matchmaker Services

Marriages are made in heaven but the couples have to be found on earth. If you can a very social person and have good social contact then this business is for you. You can also take franchise of reputed matrimonial services provider of your area.

  1. Xerox Shop

Xerox or photocopying along with bookbinding, laminating and stationery items is a good option to start a business. The location chosen should be in surrounding areas where there are schools, colleges, court, and offices.

  1. Garage Services Anywhere

Mobile garage services offer their services at the spot where cars had a breakdown and regular garage is not available nearby. This service is an on-call basis. You will need a good mechanic and a two-wheeler to start this business. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

  1. Boardroom Facilities or Video Conferencing

If you have space, capital and expertise to arrange for a boardroom meeting or video conferencing you can target small and medium enterprises that usually do not have this facility and you can make money from it.

Business ideas with low investment- a way to make money online.

  1. Dietary Consultancy Services

If you are a qualified dietician you can offer your services to people. Who want guidance on their eating habits and want you to prepare a diet chart for them. You can also get attached to some hospitals near you and provide your services on per patient basis.

  1. Mobile Repair Shop

People opting for mobile connection are nearly 10 times that of landline connections. Many people change mobile every few years. Mobile repairing is also an associate business which is growing along with mobile selling. It needs a technical skill set.

  1. Car Modification Services

Importing cars is costly hence many people want their existing car to be redesigned so as it looks like an imported one. The same thing applies to two-wheelers as well. Many two-wheeler enthusiasts want their vehicle to be modified as shown in certain movies. It is a low investment and high-profit business. You can visualize what your client exactly wants. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

  1. Car Driving School

The number of people purchasing cars is increasing and many want to learn car driving. You can start a car driving school by purchasing a second-hand car and get an instructors license.  Cost of the car and fuel will be your investment.

  1. Sports Trainer

Many children like to take up sports as an extracurricular activity. If you were a sports person, then you can join a short course to become a trainer in that field and the certificate will enhance your chances of being a professional sports coach.

Business ideas with low investment- best for a housewife.

  1. Baby Sitting

In big cities working women find it difficult to manage their job and kids. They prefer babysitters or crèche where their children are safe and are looked after. It is an ideal business for housewife which they can manage being at home.

  1. Courier Agent

Governmental postal services are not so reliant and fast. So, people prefer a courier company for their timely delivery and cheap shipping cost. This can be started by taking on rent a small shop preferably in the business area. You can tie up with the established company as an agent. And you can book goods and dispatch to their nearest warehouse.

  1. Mobile Food Truck

Serving healthy and delicious food is the base of your mobile food truck. You can hire or own a van where you can serve food at different places throughout the day.

  1. Packers and Movers

Government officers and limited companies usually transfer their staff at frequent intervals. This business needs the special skill of packing entire household material safely and securely. The transferee will be glad if someone takes the responsibility along with logistics to move their entire household material. Initially, to learn the ropes you can tie up with known packer and movers and later can start out independently.

  1. Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy

It is mandatory for all the new and upcoming homes to have a rainwater harvesting set up in individual houses and apartments. People are on an outlook for a consultant in this field as they have little knowledge on how to install one. You can start these consultancy services. It requires technical knowledge.

Business ideas with low investment- best for a part-time job.

  1. Green Energy Consultancy

More and more businesses are opting green technology in their businesses as future is dependent on it. If you have skill and knowledge on how to save energy you can start this business. Also, you may be required to complete a short course. Then you may appear for examination before you can start practice.


  1. Used Products Buy/Sale

This business is for those who can find beauty in old things. Buy useful old and antique products at a very cheap price, make it look good (polish it, repair it) and sell it at a good price. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

  1. Green Store

People are aware of how the earth is damaged by us. So we are inclined to buy those products which are reusable. Also which can be recycled with minimum harm to nature and the environment. You can open an online store where you can sell such kind of products which are eco-friendly.

  1. Pet Care Services

Rich people own exotic animals as their pets. But they are unable to take proper care of them. So, if you love animals this business is for you. It is an urban-based business.

  1. Appliance Repair Services

If you have required skill to repair household appliance like iron, mixes, washing machines, refrigerators etc. you can set up small shop repairing it. You can also provide mobile services at different places or at the customer’s location.

Business ideas with low investment- best for a beginner.

  1. Security Agency

Security is the need of the hour and is needed by most shop owners, banks, and other agencies. You can start as a consultancy or provide trained security manpower preferably an ex-army man to the required organization. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

  1. IT Security and Cyber Security

Use of the Internet is increasing and along with associated crime in this field. It is a technical skill service which you can turn it into a good business idea. Different organizations (like banks, financial companies) and government forensic departments are always on the look for good IT and cybersecurity services providers.

  1. Detective Services

People are adopting the western culture and this gives rise to spy or detective services. Many individuals and companies take services of private detective for many different reasons. Hence, if you have an eye for details and can make a good investigation you can start this business.

  1. DJ Services

For any celebration, people prefer disk jockey to fulfil their music requirement for the function. So, if you are a music lover this business fits you like the hand in glove. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

  1. Real Estate Agent

People purchase or rent the property for residential or commercial use. In both cases, they require advisors or brokers. You will have to scout for properties which people wish to sell or want to rent it out. And have to list it out according to the buyer’s budget and location.

Business ideas with low investment- best for a part-time job.

  1. Travel Agency

People want to relax and enjoy their vacations freely. They do not want to worry about tickets, hotel booking, and other things. For this, they depend on travel agents and are ready to spend a good amount.

  1. Career Guidance

Parents and students often get confused about which one to choose due to multiple career options. So, they seek professional help for a career guide.

  1. Resume Writing Services

A resume is the first point of contact between a job seeker and the job giver. Hence to create first good impression job seekers look for professional resume writing services. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.


  1. Health Club

Now people are more conscious of their health and regularly work out to keep themselves healthy. They prefer to join a health club or gym. As more and more people have ‘sitting jobs’ they prefer getting some sort of physical exercise that keep their body slim, trim and energetic.

  1. Cooking Classes

If you are a very good cook you can start your own cooking classes at home. In the initial stage, you will have to market your skills in your locality until the word spreads.

Business ideas with low investment- easy to start.

  1. Financial Planner Services

It is advisable to become a certified financial planner before you venture out to advise customers about financial and investment planning and how they can grow their wealth.

  1. Pest Control

People look for pest control for their home or office. You will have to receive proper training and license from concerned authority before you have venture out for this business.

  1. Homemade Food

Supplying homemade food to students staying as paying guest and office employees is also one such business that needs low investment. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

  1. Homemade Chocolate Making

Instead of offering sweets (most of which are adulterated) when we visit someone, people prefer to offer homemade chocolates as gifts. In the initial period, you will have to do good marketing and advertisement to be successful in this business.

  1. Blogging and/or Vblog

It is a technical business. If you have skill writing and publishing blogs/vblog (video blog) you can go for this business. Many authors who regularly write blogs on different websites take services of blog writers (ghost writers). You can also start your own blog and earn revenue through advertisements on your website where you regularly update your blogs. Much of blog/article writing work is outsourced. This is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

Business ideas with low investment- best for a part-time job.

  1. Package Drinking Water

Availability of drinking water is a scare item today and the situation will worsen further as years go by. You will need considerable investment in setting up water filtering and package plant. You will have to get approval from the required departments of government agencies also.

  1. Honey Processing

Honey is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and also has many other uses. Also, honey processing can be started using a manual or automatic system. It is an easy and simple process which can be started from home.

  1. Furniture Making

Furniture is an essential part of our home/office/school/college etc. They can be in the form of chairs, tables, cupboards, beds, wardrobes etc. But, furniture making requires skill that you should possess before venturing into this field.

  1. Production of Leather Related Products

With a low investment, one can start production of leather related items like a belt, footwear, bags and garments that are always in demand. You should have suitably skilled manpower. Also, need sufficient space and a reliable source for sourcing raw material.

  1. Medical Tour Services

Compare to many developing countries, a medical facility in India is very cheap. Also, cheap equivalent calibre. Many foreigners prefer to come to India for surgeries and medical treatment. So, you can provide services to visiting foreign nationals by guiding them the best hospital for their particular ailment.

These are a few best business ideas with low investment. So, hope we have covered sufficient different fields. Please do comment if you have more feasible ideas which will help people who wish to start their own business and who do not have enough capital but have a strong desire. To read more blogs on different helpful topics subscribe to our website via your email ID.


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