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It is expected that by 2020 the working population in India will surpass the non-working population. Due to the demographic shift, the age-old tradition of 9 to 5 job is also changing. The youth of today is courageous enough not only dream big but also is ready to take risks. These are the two basic entrepreneurial attributes that are required for any business idea to emerge! But what worries one, is the lack of capital for the business. Recognizing this opportunity, Startup Business Ideas India initiative was launched in 2016, by the Indian Govt. to empower the new business ideas.

The Govt would recognize an entity as a Startup if it is headquartered in India, is less than 7 years old and is making a turnover of less than 25 Cr. Under this scheme, the Govt. would simplify and hand-hold the initial set up process. It discards the State’s restrictions related to land permits, license, environmental clearance and foreign investment proposals. It aims at providing funding support and incentive to the budding entrepreneurs through Mudra Loans. With such a supporting environment, if you are still wondering as to what can bring you back to your passion after a break from work, here are the 15 lucrative best business ideas options which are best to start with less hassle and less investment.

Top 15 Business Ideas with low cost.

1.Organic Farming Business Ideas:

What can be better than a scientific approach to farming in an agricultural nation like India! In organic farming, crops are raised by cultivating the land is such a way that the quality of the soil is kept intact. It’s done by using organic wastes and biological ingredients along with bio fertilizers so that nutrients are released to the crops and result in an increase in production without harming the environment. The initial requirement would be possession of land and research at your end, to begin with, it. If you combine the modern-day knowledge with the native concepts properly, you are bound to raise the quality produced and can even supply them to the retailers or organic chains. Bengaluru based Organic Mandya is the example of a successfully conceptualized and implemented this Start up business idea.

2.Mobile Garage Service Business Ideas:

Your car breaks down on a highway and you have no idea where to search for a mechanic. A very normal incident which can happen to anyone at any place anytime. Here comes the concept of a mobile garage service. You just need to keep mechanics and be available with your service.

3. Customized gifts Business Ideas:

A business with one of the highest success rates. You just need to promote your work through online and offline media. These days, we are looking to express our feelings with a personalized touch and these gifts are in demand even without any occasion.

4.Hobby Classes Business Ideas:

If you have any special talent like music, dance, yoga or craft you can start these classes without any investment from your home itself. It is one of the home based business ideas. Even if you have the interest and have space, but do not have the skill set, you can hire a teacher/coach.

5.Insurance consultant or Agent Business Ideas:

Today many people seek advice for insurance. If you are planning to start a part-time business, then working as an insurance advisor or consultant is one of the best business ideas to start with.

Top 5 Unique Business Ideas need personal skills.

6.Party Organizer Business Ideas:

This is a lucrative business option if you are staying in big societies in metro cities. Also, these days parties have become a way to have a get-together. So, if you have good management skills and are good at coordinating and planning out things, you can start doing this individually from your society itself. Then get promoted and recommended among the network of residents through word of mouth. You can then build a team and take this business forward.

7.Scrap collecting Service Business Ideas:

This is again like running the traditional show with a modern-day touch. It’s the service of buying the household scraps. This also works better in metro cities. Here people do not have much time to zero down on places to donate or sell their scrap household items. Also, you can start this business online and hire people for collecting scraps on request.

8.Online Freelancer Business Ideas:

There are some people who are good at technical skills or creative writing. Blogging and content writing are attractive moneymaking online business ideas options. They are so much in demand because of the flexibility and job satisfaction they offer. Also, you can enjoy your personal space and deliver quality work online from anywhere. These are best suitable for women professionals who have taken breaks from work due to personal commitments. Though many males have even started resorting to freelancing due to the flexibility it offers along with attractive emoluments. Finally, you can work as a freelance blogger, content writer, ad campaign specialist, marketing copywriter, programmer, developer, graphic designer etc all are new business ideas.

9. Real Estate Consultancy or Brokerage Business Ideas:

You can start your own real estate brokerage or consultancy business without money. Only, you need few contacts of prospective buyers and sellers. You may check online for listed properties in the classified website or local newspaper that are to be leased or to be sold. Here you need good communication skills and a loving personality. This is an easy start up business.

10.Matchmaking Service Business Ideas:

This is also a viable and low-cost business idea. Indian Weddings are no less than a festival and still arranged marriages are preferred in most of the families. So if you have good networking skills and you can understand the requirements of people easily, So, you can definitely give a thought to this business idea. Only you just need to scan your surroundings and arrange a database of boys and girls for matchmaking to just begin!

Remaining Top 5 Business Ideas you can start with low investment.

11.Online Website Business Ideas:

You may start your own website. The initial investment is small but very good business ideas This business contains huge potential. Today you can see many webmasters are earning in lakhs and Crore. You can earn huge in this way to make money online.

12.Kids Play Area Business Ideas:

This proposal would suit the people who have enough space in the form of garden or verandas. A very moderate investment is needed in this as the place has been already yours. This can be started by the retired individuals or even homemakers. These days most of the birthday parties are also hosted in the play areas. You can start lending your space for such small parties too with a rent attached and then can use a portion of that fee for the maintenance. This is one of the innovative business ideas.

13.Training and development service Business Ideas:

This business can be taken up by professional individuals who has relevant experience in the corporate environment and can now impart product as well as soft skills training. You just need to groom yourself with relevant certifications and develop a client base through your existing corporate contacts.

There are several events organizes for small businesses. Look out for participating in such events as this would help you showcase your plans, help you in networking and even find investors for your business.

14.Tiffin Service Business Ideas:

If you are a very good natural cook and love to prepare tasty food than starting tiffin service is the best business ideas for especially a housewife.

15.Photographer Business Ideas:

You can turn your hobby in your profession if you are very good at capturing photos. Only you just need a good quality camera to start this business. But you must have a passion for photography.



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